I Run 2018 Paris Marathon | with Almost No Training

On February 3 2018,I woke up and start Running for about 15min I was exhausted of this effort but I …

On February 3 2018,
I woke up and start Running for about 15min I was exhausted of this effort but I decided to do it again 3 days later because you know it’s all about consistency … right ?

Running became a sort of routine, few days after my dad was watching TV and I came across exactly at the running scene of FOREST GUMP, it made me think about a Crazy Idea : Running a Marathon with 1 month and half of training.

So I start training for this goal. Quickly enough I was able to run 14km not bad in 2 weeks I was confident so I register to the Half Marathon (a month before the big day) it was hard like really hard even more under a pouring rain but I finish it.
The last few meters was just fantastic I never feel something similar 🙂

Back home, after a good nap, I told myself that if I have been able to run a half marathon in 3 weeks why can’t I finish a marathon with the month I have left ?

BOOM it’s decided I will run Paris Marathon, Tried to register and failed to it = Registration were close.
So I could have bought a bib on black market and running for someone else name OR Running for an Association by Raising 800€.
Guess What …. I decided to Raised Money

“life is either a daring adventure of nothing at all” right ?

I succeed to It, Those donations partially saved little Abou from heart problems –> Running for something you believe, in this case the access to essential health service worldwide, motivated me even more to finish Paris Marathon 2018.

It was a Race against myself, but I did it, I finish.
See you next year Paris Marathon (if i’m still in france)

See you in the next one 😉

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