CES Unveiled Paris 2018

October 3 2018 Every 2 years Paris hosts the Motor Show and this year associated with this event opened the …

October 3 2018

Every 2 years Paris hosts the Motor Show and this year associated with this event opened the World Technology Show, which this year was focused on mobility, traction and all the technologies that will equip the car of tomorrow.
In this perspective that was organized for the 6th time in Paris the CES Unveiled.
conference, talkshow, round table and of course the presentation of the Start Up representing the French delegation at the CES in Las Vegas next January was on the agenda.
Mobility and Smarts City were at the heart of the euro Tech week round table.
Smart City more focused on how to serve the citizen, or how the citizen can collaborate in a relevant way with the smart city. so that the citizen is the promoter of the service.
Mobility, the second axis addressed, is based on the impact of electric cars, autonomous but also the way of moving with the mass and individual transport that will irrigate our neighbourhoods tomorrow in the famous last Kilometre.
Human beings and responsible mobility were therefore at the centre of the discussions.

“The technique of which the human being will have taken the dimension and which will be at his service.”
Or Resilience for short was one of the key words to remember from CES Unveiled
Where the Technical Complexity will no longer be perceptible, but only the use will have value.

Several trends have been highlighted such as Artificial Intelligence (with for example the adoption of voice assistants by millions of people).
It represents a major technology in the collection, use and management of data to go further in the services we are offered.
This trend is even more relevant as we are entering the Data Age by 2020, where this data will be the very heart of any digital ecosystem.

Another Trend is 5G, which promises to be the cornerstone of inter-equipment or inter-service communication.
For Gary Shapiro, this is one of the keys to the development of Smarts Cities.

If we had to remember one thing about CES Unveiled Paris 2018, it would be to move from project management to usage management, By placing human issues at the heart of product development.

That’s all for the CES Unveiled Paris 2018
See you in the Next One

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