Why you Should Hire me : I’m a Multi Potentialist

“You see, the problem wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in nothing; it was that I was interested in too many …

“You see, the problem wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in nothing; it was that I was interested in too many things.

What if you are curious about several topics, and want to do a lot of things? Well, there’s no place for people like you in this structure. And you may feel isolated. You may feel that you have no purpose, or that there is something wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with that. What you are is a multi-potentialist.”

Emilie Wapnick during is Ted “Why don’t some of us have a real vocation?”

A functioning team must be composed of experts, who will be specialists in their field, and multipotentials who will have knowledge in a wide variety of fields.

So here is why you should hire a multipotentialist profile

Multipotential people like to learn. He is bored in an environment that does not stimulate him: “I get bored in 99% of situations where my brain is not solicited on “real subjects” Anne-Laure Fréant.

They are able to gather all the data on a specific subject and are willing to spend time on it.
They have the ability to accumulate and assimilate knowledge quickly.

MultiPotentialists have a real capacity for adaptability. It is the ability to transform yourself into what you need to be in a given situation. Because they are not experts in a field, they know how to use all the accumulated knowledge to synthesize it in order to apply it in any situation.
They will be able to take on different roles and functions within an organization. Because we live in a changing world, confronted with many crises, a multiple, ultra-connected world, which is constantly evolving and whose key to success will be agility.

Fast compagny describes adaptability as the most important skill for the 21st century.

Creativity is a constant feature of projects or achievements undertaken by Multipotentialist. A simple conversation subject or a movie can inspire you with 100 ideas for business, future projects …

It appears in today’s society as a kind of instability, lack of seriousness or maturity.
While this type of personality is considered as a gift when it comes to Da Vinci, Descartes or Newton.

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